Tell Your Story

Four Festival Orchestra fellows pair with Charleston-based entrepreneurs, artists, and activists to create aural memoirs—works of creative placemaking distinct to the South Carolina Lowcountry and to this moment.

Reimagining beloved boleros as sensuous jazz ballads, saxophonist Miguel Zenón and pianist Luis Perdomo share their Grammy-nominated album in five intimate engagements.

Layale Chaker and her ensemble perform a beguiling blend of classical, contemporary music, jazz, Arabic maqam scales, and improvisation.

Visual artist and composer Elisa Harkins presents an innovative work of Indigenous Futurism, a blend of electronic dance tracks, Indigenous music, and vocals in a performance both dreamy and intense.

With dazzling visuals, this vibrant, family-friendly production illuminates the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale in a feast for the eyes and soul.