So is Spoleto worth a visit? Consistently named one of the best travel destinations, Charleston, South Carolina, is on the must-list for visits. In May, as temperatures warm, the scent of blooming jasmine wafts through the air and the city comes alive with activity. Outdoor patios fill with diners enjoying bites from some of the nation’s best restaurants, while shop and gallery doors fling open, ready to welcome interested passersby.   

Spring is the time of Spoleto Festival USA, America’s premier performing arts festival that draws more than 300 prestigious artists from around the world to transform Charleston into a global epicenter of arts and culture. 

What’s ahead at Spoleto Festival USA 2023

For the 100+ events and performances, more than 10 countries will be represented in the lineup. Where else but Spoleto can you travel the world, experience a compendium of cultures and world views, and see stunning feats of artistry—all in one city and in the short span of 17 days and nights?  

When tickets go on sale January 27, prices start at $25 for many performances featuring some of the world’s brightest stars. This year, for instance, Spoleto will welcome: 10 Grammy Award winners, 3 NEA Jazz Masters, 2 MacArthur Geniuses, 1 Pulitzer Prize winner, 1 Tony Award winner, and 1 (multiple) Emmy Award winner. Truly, worth a visit.

Performing Arts worth a visit in Charleston

In the last month alone, The New York Times pointed to Charleston, as a top city in the world, as did CNN—calling out the Holy City, and more specifically Spoleto Festival USA, as worth a visit. A historical destination with beauty at every turn—cobblestone streets, exquisite ironwork, and houses as colorful as the springtime blooms—Charleston is itself the perfect canvas for great works of art. Spoleto takes place in eight venues across the peninsula, utilizing Charleston’s historic theaters and churches, grand opera houses, and outdoor greenspaces to create unforgettable artistic experiences filled with magic and wonder. This spring, see for yourself why thousands flock to this renowned arts festival—it’s worth it.