Venue: Festival Hall

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes


A Fix+Foxy Production
Produced by Glynis Henderson Productions, The Pleasance & Alchemation
Written & directed by Tue Biering
Co-directed & choreographed by Nhlanhla Mahlangu

Hailed by the British Theatre Guide as “a truly staggering, relentless theatre experience,” Dark Noon offers an outsider’s perspective on American history. Framed through the lens of a fictional film production, seven South African actors embody traditional American archetypes—cowboys, Indians, prospectors, missionaries, and more—all intent on subduing both the land and one another. The nation’s 300-year path from lawlessness to civilization is mirrored by the show’s ever-evolving stage, which transitions from barren desert to bustling town as the narrative unfolds. Replete with searing themes of violence, genocide, and oppression, the Reumert Award- winning show presents an unflinching glimpse of how the West was really won.

This performance contains mature content and themes.

Attendance at all events is subject to the Festival security policy.

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Major lead support provided by Mrs. Robyn Coles and Dr. N. Anthony Coles.