Spoleto ETC (Engaging the Community)

Spoleto Festival USA was founded with a mission to pair young artists with established masters and provide a fertile ground for experimentation, exploration, and artistic learning. This vision, however, extends far beyond the concert stages and opera houses. Vital to the Festival’s longevity are its endeavors to engage audiences across a broad spectrum. Through three distinct avenues outlined below, Spoleto ETC aims to build audiences, spark connections, and leave a lasting impression on the next generation of artists and arts lovers.

Tailored education programs for students instill artistic curiosity and inspire audiences of the future. This avenue includes artists visiting schools, students visiting Festival venues, and partnerships with student-focused organizations.

Community engagement programs encourage participation and remove barriers. This avenue includes discussion before and during Festival seasons, performances designed for individuals on the Autism spectrum and their families, as well as Spoleto’s Open Stage Door program that provides complimentary tickets to area community-based nonprofit organizations.

Programs for professional advancement aid in the development of young artists and arts administrators. This avenue includes the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra as well as Spoleto’s apprentice program.

Spoleto ETC is made possible thanks to the ongoing generosity of our individual donors. To ensure the future of the Festival and to further the efforts of programs like Spoleto ETC, please consider making a gift.


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