What is the best way to begin planning my Spoleto Festival USA experience?

There are two ways to start planning your Spoleto Festival USA experience:

  1. Determine what shows and performers you want to see
  2. Determine what time period you will be in Charleston during the Festival.

The 2021 Festival runs for 17 days starting Memorial Day weekend, from Friday, May 28 through Sunday, June 13. There are Festival events every day during this periodĀ but there is a concentration of performances over the weekends. Not allĀ events run throughout the Festival and some are one-night-only so check the dates of anything you particularly want to see.

If you have questions about specific performances, please call (843) 579-3100 to speak with a box office representative.

Most Festival venues are located in downtown Charleston within walking distance of each other. If you are planning to attend multiple events on one day, ensure that you check the approximate running time and give yourself enough time to walk or travel between venues.