Casting Call

Supernumeraries for Path of Miracles

Spoleto Festival USA is looking for five women and men approximately 18 – 30 years of age in appearance to perform in the 2019 Festival production of Joby Talbot’s Path of Miracles. All performers will be directed by internationally-recognized British Opera Director John La Bouchardière.

Auditions available until positions are filled! Contact us today to schedule a time (by appointment only)—[email protected].

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Do you have previous performance experience? Are you interested in becoming a supernumerary for Spoleto Festival USA? Use the button below to sign up to listed in our supernumerary database and we will contact you when casting and audition information becomes available.

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What is a supernumerary?
Supernumerary actors are usually amateur or pre-professional actors in opera or ballet performances who train under professional direction to create a believable scene on stage. Supernumeraries almost become part of the props and give a sense of credibility to scenes where crowds or a variety of characters are needed.