General Policy Information: SFUSA Employees



Introduction and Statement of Purpose

The health and well-being of all of those involved in Spoleto Festival USA is paramount. The safety and security of our staff, artists, participants, audience, and community are the guiding forces in taking these proactive and preventative measures to protect against COVID-19. All protocols are being developed utilizing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a licensed medical expert, and in conjunction with best practices from the performing arts and film industries. All policies and guidance contained herein are subject to change and will continue to be updated and distributed.

COVID Vaccination Requirement (Employees Only)

Spoleto Festival USA requires all Employees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including booster, prior to accepting an offer of employment or engagement. Employees acknowledge that they are fully vaccinated, including booster, and are willing to provide proof of vaccination upon request, maintain vaccination as recommended by public health authorities, and submit to testing and other health protocols as may be required now or in the future.

Prior to their engagement with the Festival, Employee must submit documentation of COVID-19 vaccination, including booster to the FESTIVAL as per contract or agreement. Documentation will be collected during the onboarding/rehiring process through Paylocity.

Exemptions to this policy are available for religious or medical reasons with supporting documentation, contact Tasha Gandy, Chief Financial Officer for more information ([email protected]).



Please note important contact information for all COVID-19 related issues:


Participant Protocols


  • FESTIVAL will provide KN95 masks and additional personal protective equipment (PPE) as deemed necessary.
  • FESTIVAL will provide COVID-19 periodic at-home tests. Frequency and quantity to be determined by Participant’s role.
  • FESTIVAL has engaged a medical service provider to administer PCR or rapid PCR tests at Festival expense as needed.
  • Any individual symptomatic for COVID-19 or testing positive for COVID-19 should:
    • stay in or return to their accommodations
    • not come to the work site or should leave the work site
    • notify their stage manager and await further instructions.
  • Symptomatic individuals will be provided with medically supervised PCR rapid testing at FESTIVAL expense, at a location convenient to their accommodation. Transportation will be provided as needed.
  • All decisions regarding the postponement or rescheduling of rehearsals, talks, or performance schedules as they relate to symptomatic individuals will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • As a consideration for the Festival community of artists, staff, and volunteers, all participants are encouraged to avoid crowded indoor spaces, specifically bars, nightclubs, and restaurants for extended periods of time (more than 15 minutes).

Specific Protocols:

Orchestra Members

Chorus Members

Front of House


Contracted Companies

Administrative and Support Staff