Unholy Wars

Venue: Dock Street Theatre

Duration: Approximately 1 hour


World Premiere

Reframing the narrative


Conceived and performed by Karim Sulayman
Directed by Kevin Newbury
Music direction by Julie Andrijeski
Featuring Raha Mirzadegan, John Taylor Ward, and Coral Dolphin
Visual design, Kevork Mourad
Choreography, Ebony Williams
Associate Choreographer, Coral Dolphin
Original Music, Mary Kouyoumdjian
Lighting design, Jennifer Fok
Costume design, David Woolard
Projection design, Michael Commendatore

When the Crusades are taught in schools, is the humanity of the other—the humanity of the Arabic people—considered? In this intimate new work, well-known musical selections surrounding the Holy Wars are stitched together through song, dance, and intricate animation. Yet these European standards, by composers including Monteverdi, Rossi, and Handel, are reframed by the Grammy Award-winning tenor Karim Sulayman to reveal a new story of belonging and the resilience of marginalized people.


Please note that any bag may be subject to search upon entry.

Audience members will be required to wear masks at all indoor Spoleto Festival USA performances. More information »


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  • Performers Karim Sulayman
  • Raha Mirzadegan
  • John Taylor Ward
  • Dancer Coral Dolphin
  • Visual Art Kevork Mourad
  • Choreographer Ebony Williams
  • Original Music Mary Kouyoumdjian
  • Lighting Design Jennifer Fok
  • Costume Design David Woolard
  • Projection Design Michael Commendatore
Unholy Wars preview image

Unholy Wars preview image

Unholy Wars preview image

Unholy Wars preview image

Unholy Wars preview image

Karim Sulayman

Unholy Wars preview image

Dock Street Theatre