The Believers Are But Brothers

Venue: Emmett Robinson Theatre at College of Charleston

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes


Performed, Written, and Co-directed by Javaad Alipoor
Co-directed by Kirsty Housley

An electronic maze of meme culture, 4chan, the alt-right, and ISIS

“One of the most fascinating shows I have seen in an age.” – Financial Times

We live in a time when old orders are collapsing: from the post-colonial nation states of the Middle East to the EU and American elections. Amid all of this, tech-savvy extremist groups are targeting a generation of young men who find themselves burning with resentment and an unfounded sense of entitlement. This multimedia show weaves together stories of three disaffected men and their journeys to radicalization—exploring the smoke-and-mirrors world of online extremism, anonymity, and hate speech.

This production contains explicit content and utilizes WhatsApp to immerse the audience in the world of online radicalization.

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