Music In Time | Departure Duo

Sponsored by: American Express

Venue: Woolfe Street Playhouse

Duration: Approximately 1 hour



New sounds in music

In an unusual pairing of register extremes (high and low), soprano Nina Guo and bassist Edward Kass explore “meeting in the middle” and ask the audience to consider “in-betweenness” in all its forms. “In-betweenness” ranges from the haze between reality and memory in Beat Furrer’s haunting Lotófagos to humanity’s symbiotic yet tenuous relationship with technology in Talia Amar’s Deus Ex Machina. In her setting of Molly Bloom’s soliloquy from Joyce’s Ulysses, Amy Beth Kirsten looks at the tension between our public and private selves, while works by Katie Balch and John Kennedy ponder what exists between the meaning and sounds of words. David Smooke’s setting of the phrase “all are welcome here” in 16 languages reminds us that “here” is relative.

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