Spoleto at Home

Meet the Orchestra

Venue: Virtual

Duration: Approximately 5-10 minutes


Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra on the small screen

Each year the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra, under the direction of Resident Conductor and Director of Orchestral Activities John Kennedy, takes on a dynamic new identity with the participation of both returning and new musicians. Though Spoleto could not stage full, in-person orchestral performances in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Festival Orchestra was able to present the digital premiere of Arden. This site-specific piece was composed by Kennedy and performed by mezzo-soprano Naomi Louisa O’Connell (last at the Festival in 2017) accompanied by piano, violin, viola, and cello. The virtual performance includes recorded sounds and footage from the town of Ballyvaughan in the Burren, where O’Connell spent the last year.

Digital premiere
John Kennedy, composer
Naomi Louisa O’Connell, mezzo-soprano
Renate Rolhfing, piano; Giancarlo Latta, violin; Celia Daggy, viola; Suebin Jin, cello


In addition to Arden, Spoleto published daily video profiles of exceptional orchestra members, giving you a glimpse into the lives of these young professionals who hail from all over the world. Each video includes a bite-size performance from the musicians. The Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra profiles were presented on our YouTube channel.


Friday, May 28, at 5:00pm:
Jarrett McCourt (tuba) and Kayla Howell (horn)

Saturday, May 29, at 5:00pm:
Sidney Hopson (percussion)

Sunday, May 30, at 5:00pm:
Viola Chan (flute)

Monday, May 31, at 5:00pm
Alfonso Noriega (viola)

Tuesday, June 1, at 5:00pm
Francesca McNeeley (cello)

Wednesday, June 2, at 5:00pm
Austin Lewellen (double bass)

Thursday, June 3, at 5:00pm
Michelle Sung (flute)

Friday, June 4, at 5:00pm
Omri Barak (trumpet)

Saturday, June 5, at 5:00pm
Abigail Kent (harp)

Sunday, June 6, at 5:00pm
Israel Gutierrez (bass trombone)

Monday, June 7, at 5:00pm
Najette Abouelhadi (cello)

Tuesday, June 8, at 5:00pm
Andrew François (viola)

Wednesday, June 9, at 5:00pm
Priscilla Rinehart (horn)

Thursday, June 10, at 5:00pm
Clifton Joey Guidry (basson)

Friday, June 11, at 5:00pm
Aurora Mendez (violin)

Saturday, June 12, at 5:00pm
Tamara Winston (oboe)

Sunday, June 13, at 5:00pm
Edward Kass (double bass) and Renate Rohlfing (piano)


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