Physical Theater

Machine de Cirque

Sponsored By: Sherman Capital Markets, LLC

Venue: Memminger Auditorium

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes


NOTE: This event has been cancelled. Ticket purchasers will be contacted about processing returns. For more information, click here.

US Premiere

La Galerie

Circus turned upside down, inside out, and on its head

Picture this: You’re in an art gallery for a fancy night out, when, before your very eyes, suits and dresses change colors, and paint brushes suddenly replace champagne flutes. You’ve crossed into another world!

In this contemporary circus extravaganza, seven acrobats pull out all the stops to immerse the audience in collective bewilderment. Quebec-based Machine de Cirque makes its Spoleto debut with breathtaking feats and live music for a performance that’s at once playful, poetic, and just a bit perilous.