Four Seasons Recomposed

Sponsored by: BMW Manufacturing Co.

Venue: College of Charleston Sottile Theatre

Duration: Approximately 1 hour


NOTE: This event has been cancelled. Ticket purchasers will be contacted about processing returns. For more information, click here.

Music by Max Richter
Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra
Conducted by John Kennedy

What’s old is new again

Composer Max Richter says he committed “an act of love towards [Vivaldi’s] fantastic masterpiece” (NPR) when he recomposed The Four Seasons—the origin of the best-known baroque earworms in Western culture. Are the virtuosity and patterns in the 18th-century original so different from a post-minimalist aesthetic? Hear John Kennedy lead the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra as they perform Richter’s familiar yet fresh work that topped classical album charts in 22 countries.