Wells Fargo Jazz


Sponsored by: Wells Fargo

Venue: Simons Center Recital Hall at College of Charleston

Duration: Approximately 1 hour


Evan Christopher, clarinets
Brian Seeger, guitars
Roland Guerin, basses

When he left California for New Orleans in 1994, Evan Christopher began a journey along what he calls “clarinet road,” working to honor and extend the legacies of such early Creole clarinetists as Sidney Bechet, Barney Bigard, and Omer Simeon. With a sound and style that combines virtuosity, immaculate taste, and enthusiasm, his music explores the full range of possibilities in this tradition. A creator in his own right, he composes works in the vein of the greats while bringing something of himself—”contemporary early jazz,” he calls it. At Spoleto Festival USA, his trio includes close New Orleans associates, guitarist Brian Seeger and bassist Roland Guerin. Together, they will make stirring 21st-century music drawing upon styles roughly a century old.

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