In a celebration of Gullah history and musical heritage, 20-plus South Carolina artists join drummer Quentin Baxter, trumpeter Matt White, and saxophonist Chris Potter for a musical fusion of jazz and praise house melodies.

With dazzling visuals, this vibrant, family-friendly production illuminates the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale in a feast for the eyes and soul.

fix+foxy: Dark Noon

Seven South African actors personify mythologized archetypes of the American West to offer an outsider’s unflinching perspective on U.S. history.

The Song of Rome

In their world premiere exploration of Virgil’s Aeneid, Denis O’Hare and Lisa Peterson toggle between past and present to depict power dynamics that feel as resonant today as during the fall of the Roman republic.

Under the inspired curation of new director Paul Wiancko, globally renowned musicians present 11 ingenious and intimate programs that span canonical classics and vital new works.