Québec City-based circus company, Machine de Cirque makes its Spoleto Festival USA debut with the US premiere of La Galerie, an ode to creativity. Here is what you should know:

Seven acrobats and an electrifying musician visit a monochrome art gallery when suddenly, a creative spark sets off an explosion of color, and these wacky yet endearing characters dive in to explore the exhibition inside out.  

Machine de Cirque is known for packing high doses of dizzying feats, powerful emotions, poetry, intelligence and humor into its innovative and original circus shows. In this contemporary circus extravaganza,  La Galerie, astonishing discoveries and a dose of fun come together with breathtaking stunts and live music for a performance that’s at once playful, poetic, and perilous.


About the Ensemble


After graduating from the École de cirque de Québec in 2012, Pauline has worked with several Québec companies, including Cirque Éloize, Cirque du Soleil (Les chemins invisibles, Andorra) and Flip Fabrique (Crépuscule) . As a result of her fascination with the dynamics of working as a trio, she and two partners founded Moi et les autres.


Gaël Della-Valle completed his studies in electronics engineering in 2003. Two years later, he left his native Switzerland and emigrated to Québec to launch into a new career: circus artist. After graduating from the École de cirque de Québec in 2010, specializing in Russian Bar, juggling, and Cyr Wheel, he has worked with leading companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize.


Originally from Minnesota, Connor developed an interest in the circus at an early age. With a special fondness for group work, he studied Hand to Hand and Banquine at the École de cirque de Québec. After graduating in 2014, he has worked with several companies including Cirque Éloize, Cirque du Soleil, and Circus Monti.


Fearing ending up stuck in an office after completing his studies in environmental protection in France, Antoine decided to combine business with pleasure by taking to the stage. After graduating from the École de cirque de Québec in 2012, he has worked here and there all over the world, as part of various shows in venues or on the street. In recent years, he has mostly turned to busking, for which he has a special interest given the greater access to the public it provides. He loves feeling the sincerity and authenticity of an artist on stage and hopes to be able to pursue his inanities for years to come.


Marie-Michèle Pharand discovered the performing and circus arts when the rigidity of gymnastics no longer appealed to her. Why not move people instead of looking for a score out of 10? Fortunately, since it is through her multiple acrobatic, colorful, and clownish characters that we discover her funny, sensitive, and generous personality. An old soul with a child’s heart who is not afraid of ridicule. You will also find this
acrobat on television shows or in movies as a stand-in or a stuntwoman in several Quebec productions.

ADAM STROM (acrobat)

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Adam has studied and performed acrobatics, aerial disciplines and juggling for 11 years as part of Flipside Circus, while developing his artistic skills in dance, music and theatre. Since 2014, he has been perfecting his skills with the German Wheel at the École de cirque de Québec. He has performed in several shows including Flip Fabrique’s Crépuscule: Vents et Marées and Machine de Cirque’s Truck Stop: The Great Journey. He has most recently worked with Midnight Circus in a series of performances in the United States.


Finding circus as a kid at a small festival north of Brisbane Australia, David went on to study at L’École de cirque de Québec. Since then he has had the pleasure of working with companies like Company 2, Gravity and Other Myths, Circus Oz, Circa, and Casus. David has worked around the world as a generalist acrobat, base, juggler, highwire walker, coach, musician, vaudeville performer, clown, busker, rigger, and creator.

LYNE GOULET (saxophone)

As a saxophonist with a Bachelor of Music in performance degree, Lyne developed an early interest in contemporary and current music. Since her graduation, she has stretched her musical wings into funk, jazz, blues, and world music. She was a collaborator with the equestrian circus Luna Caballera and several other productions including Strada, Water on Mars, the Ligue d’improvisation musicale de Québec, the Orchestre d’Hommes Orchestres, and the Blaze Velluto Collection, to name only a few.


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Performance Details

Machine de Cirque will take the stage at Festival Hall beginning Wednesday, June 8 and will run through Sunday, June 12.

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