Seven days remain in the 43rd Spoleto Festival USA, but there’s still a full week jam-packed with performances in opera, theater, physical theater, dance, music, and jazz. And while Festival staffers are hard at work behind the scenes, we’re also just as eager as you to experience the remaining magic. As the countdown continues, we asked several Spoleto staff members to tell us what they’re most looking forward to and why.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing 600 Highwaymen’s The Fever again. It’s a wonderfully meditative piece on community and how we engage with each other. I had no idea what to expect when I first saw it in 2017 and was deeply moved by my experience. I can’t wait to revisit it with Spoleto’s audience! I’m also looking forward to the Wells Fargo Festival Finale at Riverfront Park. Curtis Harding is an amazing performer and The Artisanals and Benny Starr will bring some local flair. Great performances coupled with the beautiful location, picnics, and fireworks guarantees a great end of the Festival!”  —Nicole Taney, Director of Artistic Planning and Operations

“I’m most looking forward to getting a group of my girlfriends together for a performance of What Girls Are Made Of at Memminger Auditorium! Anything based on a true story piques my interest and this goes the extra mile by mixing live theater with rock ‘n’ roll.”  —Jessie Bagley, Festival Director of Marketing & Public Relations

“I’m always surprised by the jazz concerts at Simons Center Recital Hall—I never really know what to expect, and then I’m absolutely blown away by the performers’ musicianship and artistry! So Mark Turner and Ethan Iverson’s concerts (June 5 – 8) are a must-see for me. I’m a big dance enthusiast, too, and knowing that Ethan Iverson has so closely collaborated with choreographer Mark Morris entices me even more.”  —Jenny Ouellette, Public Relations Manager

“I’m so excited to see Benny Starr at the Wells Fargo Festival Finale. His new album drops in two weeks, and I can’t wait to see him live!”  —Ann Marie Lonsdale, Director of Finance

“Bach’s St. John Passion is very high on my most-anticipated list! I can never get enough of the Westminster Choir, and I’m thrilled to hear Rufus Müller as the Evangelist—his performance in Spoleto’s 2015 St. Matthew Passion made a devoted fan out of me.”  —Leah Harrison, Institutional Writer

“I’m looking forward to One Thousand and One Nights. As a big dance lover, I’m excited for the grandiose and full-length sensory overload that Caracalla Dance Theatre will provide. I’m pumped for all the different cultural components of it as well!”  —Joshua Bristow, Special Events Intern

“It’s a difficult task to pick only one show that I am looking forward to most but, having seen Shakespeare’s Globe’s The Comedy of Errors (which was delightfully funny), I am very interested in seeing their take on Pericles.”  —David Graham, Receptionist & Office Volunteer Coordinator

“I am looking forward to an evening with my wife at Circa. The physicality of these dancers astounds us and leaves us gasping in awe at each amazing move.”  —David Robinson, Technology Manager

“The Bank of America Chamber Music has been exceptional this year.  Don’t miss their final performances this week. They are truly amazing musicians!” —Sally Lovejoy, Patron Services Manager

“I’m most looking forward to What Girls Are Made Of because I’m very interested in the unique storyline and the Raw Material and Traverse Theatre Company’s background. I am eager to experience a show I wouldn’t normally be able to see.” —Rachel Spitzmiller, Finance Apprentice

“I’m really looking forward to The Fever as I think it will be unlike any theater experience I’ve had before, as well as a piece to remind us of our connection to all those around us.”  —Allison Ross-Spang, Company Manager

“I am looking forward to the Festival Finale featuring Curtis Harding!  Good food, good friends, and GREAT music.  Plus, you can’t beat the fireworks!”  —Olivia Anderson, Assistant Box Office Manager


What are you most interested in seeing in the final week of the Festival?