Spol·et·i·quette (noun): the customary code of polite behavior to ensure the ultimate performance experience among Festival-goers

Time: Very Little
Serving size: Everyone

1 cup punctuality
2 cups silence
4 cups respect
3 teaspoons patience
3 tablespoons consideration
6 tablespoons self-awareness
¼ cup courtesy
½ cup engagement


Step 1: Add 1 cup of punctuality. Arrive at the theater 15 to 30 minutes before the show starts. Leave in enough time to deal with traffic or any parking issues.

Step 2: Mix in 2 cups of silence. Remember to silence your phone so as to not disrupt the performers or other patrons during the performance.

Step 3: Pour in 4 cups of respect. Any photography, videography, or audio recording of any show is prohibited. Please stay respectful to the performers, staff, and other audience members.

Step 4: Stir in 3 teaspoons of patience. Unless it is an emergency, please remain seated throughout the duration of the show. The program book includes the performance’s run time and if there are any intermissions. Remember: performers can see you leave the theater and it can be quite distracting to others.

Step 5:  Add 3 tablespoons of consideration. Please do not talk during a performance; it disturbs the performers and other audience members.

Step 6: Blend in 6 tablespoons of self-awareness. Please keep your arms and legs in your seat space. Avoid over-spreading your arms and legs, and share the armrests.

Step 7: Mix in ¼ cup of courtesy. Please refrain from eating or drinking in the theater during a performance. (Of course, you may eat and drink at the Wells Fargo Festival Finale. We encourage it!)

Step 8: Pour in ½ cup of engagement. Be in the moment! Attending a show is a chance to stay present and engaged with the performance in front of you–not on a screen.

There you have it: Spoletiquette. Give it a try at every performance and enjoy!