Welcome to the first installment of the Quick Fact blog series! These posts are meant to give you a bite-size overview of performances you’ll find in the 2014 Festival season. Each post in the series will include the who, what, when, where, and why. We’ll even throw in some images, videos, and staff recommendations to sweeten the deal. Enjoy!

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Jens Kruger (banjo)
Uwe Kruger (guitar)
Joel Landsberg (bass)


You’ve never heard a folk trio like this before. This banjo, guitar, and bass ensemble perform refreshing interpretations of bluegrass standards and Jens Kruger’s original compositions, characterized by carefree melodies and intricate finger work common in classical guitar and Baroque music.




June 6 at 9am
June 7 at 9am


College of Charleston Cistern Yard


The Kruger Brothers’ music is unlike any other. Between the skill and musicianship that won Jens Kruger the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass Music in 2013 and their spirit of exploration and freedom, hearing the Kruger Brothers is always a blissful occasion. These musicians moved from Switzerland and New York to the Carolinas, hoping the region that produced Doc Watson would help cultivate their goals as musicians, and the process of realization has been a pleasure for their audiences. (Watch a video of the Kruger Brothers playing with Doc Watson here.)



Leah Harrison, Institutional Writer

Every time I leave a Kruger Brothers concert, I’m in a state of euphoric awe. They’ve been some of my very favorites for a long time because they’re fun, amazing musicians whose shows create a sense of transcendence and joy. If you see them, you’ll never forget them.

(Late Show with David Letterman, September 27, 2013)

Tickets to the Kruger Brothers and all other Festival performances are available online at spoletousa.org, over the phone at 843.579.3100, or through your mobile device.