Excerpted from the Bristol Old Vic program book for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?”
Delve into the murky dreams of our cast and crew…

• • •


Naomi (Actor, Helena): The most recent one I had was that I was chased and then caught (because I couldn’t get up a spiral staircase). A very calm woman wanted to inject me with something. I stopped her twice by plunging the liquid out then realised I would be killed if I didn’t let her inject me so thought I’d take the gamble. I woke up from the drug having had all my teeth taken out and different ones put in. They were large and gappy and really ugly. I knew I had to learn to talk with them and accept that my whole appearance had changed irrevocably.

What did it mean? God knows! Something to do with being out of control but accepting it perhaps? Taking on a new character?! Insecurity about being looked at? The last two times I dreamt about teeth falling out people close to me have died. I’m really hoping that because I’ve talked about this dream that I’ve lifted the curse! In ancient mythology, teeth dreams signified the imminent decease of close friends or relations.

Alex (Actor, Lysander): I’m lying alone in bed at the top of someone’s regency mansion house on the seafront, listening to the sea crash in and fade out and then no sound. A tremor. A few car alarms activated and then thunderous sound getting closer, fast. I’m in water. Being smashed around this disintegrating room. Now I’m flung down to the ocean bed, then vacuumed up to the night that looks out on the endless sea. I’ve been pulled back under but it’s ok. I can breathe or I don’t need to? I can see too. I see you. We reach out through tons of murky water. A lucky current throws us together and we hold on. It’s not so fast or scary. Then a violent wave rips us apart and I see you miles away. But we are in the same sea.

I think it meant that although we are apart, we are still connected.

Robin (Stage Manager): The day before I got married I dreamed that I had lost my eye pen (one of those things you use to get rid of bags under your eyes). I had bought one but have never used it so it was weird that in my dream it was the most important thing in the world that I had lost it. Strange.

I think it meant that I needed more sleep than I was getting.

Miltos (Actor, Bottom): I used to have recurring dreams when i was younger of falling, always falling then just before I started this job I had a dream about being a dog… I saw everything from the perceptive of a small white Scottie dog… bizarre.

I think it meant that I was anxious about turning into an animal, and as rehearsals have proved, I was right to be scared!

Jon (Actor, Onstage Musical Director): I dream really visually, and sometimes dream as if in computer graphics. I once dreamt about a race of dwarves who advanced into battle wielding their axes in a phalanx like a combine harvester. My brain stepped back from the dream for a moment saying, “The CGI in this dream is amazing!”

It probably meant I had watched Lord of the Rings too many times.

Kyle (Actor, Demetrius): Just the other week I had a very vivid multiply layered dream. I kept waking up in my own bed believing it was morning. I would get up, walk around to find my flat was different somehow. It looked bigger, had a strange brick staircase that led to God knows where and there would be the odd stranger, both man and woman, that would walk through my flat. This happened about four times and each time it did I believed that I was truly awake until things became so bizarre that within my dream I would tell myself “This must be a dream. Wake up!” I would then find myself back in my bed believing I had genuinely woken up only to find I was starting the process all over again and each time never actually waking up. When I did actually wake up I didn’t know if I was really awake. It took me a while to realise that everything was normal.

I have no idea what it means. I had seen the film The Life of Pi the night before which is all about what is real and what is not. So perhaps my brain was working from that.

Christopher (Sound Designer): I was on a (two-man?) skateboard with my father careering downhill while being chased by a rabid dog.

I think it was a warning never to go skateboarding near dogs.

David (Actor, Oberon/Theseus): It was a flying dream and I was flying over fields and mountains. Erm, I think it meant I wanted to fly. A search for freedom, perhaps?

Photo by Simon Annand.

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Naomi: When I was younger I dreamt I’d be in a musical like Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

Alex: A chef. My best childhood memories are cooking with my Nan.

Robin: I wanted to be a stuntman.

Miltos: An air steward, because I spent my childhood on planes and in airports.

Jon: I always wanted to be an actor, but I also dreamed of being able to play Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini on the piano with a live orchestra.

Kyle: I drew a lot as a child. I loved cartoons and drew my own versions of my favourite characters. I would create my own cartoon characters and for a long time I dreamed I would become a cartoonist or illustrator.

Christopher: A record producer

David: I dreamt I’d become a professional footballer. The dream is still alive…

Photo by Simon Annand.

• • •


Naomi: Being trapped underground in a small, dark space.

Alex: Getting accused of some terrible crime and not being able to prove my innocence.

Robin: Being naked and onstage.

Miltos: All of my teeth falling out.

Jon: That University has revoked my degree and summoned me back to sit my finals again. Needless to say I remember nothing about my subject now after fourteen years!

Kyle: Not that I believe in it, but I wouldn’t want to say my worst nightmare just in case it does exist and I tempt fate.

Christopher: Being a record producer.

David: My worst nightmare involves a man made of crows.

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