It’s Spoleto eve, like Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year in Charleston. For 17 days, the World’s Best City (thank you Conde Nast Traveler), hosts art lovers from across the globe to sip, savor, discover Charleston’s secrets, and revel in world class performances.

Spoleto is the essence of Charleston – sophisticated, innovative, charming and intimate. And I love how the Festival is woven into the fabric of our community. Charleston’s culinary stars tempt with special menus and late night bites, piazzas and hidden gardens glow with revelers late into the evening, and King Street beckons bon vivants with Spoleto windows offering “just the right touch.” Paris in the 20’s pales to Charleston’s magic during the Festival.

It’s a movable feast of experiences that are eminently walkable – from the Cistern to the Dock St., to Memminger to the Halsey – what your feet won’t accommodate, and air-conditioned DASH or a pedi-cab will. Concerned about parking? CARTA public transit makes “Spoleto Sans Auto” possible. You can park and ride to the Peninsula and plan your entire trip online using Google Transit. The Bus Tracker allows you to know when your bus is actually arriving based on GPS data. And those free DASH buses all stop within a block or so of key Spoleto venues.

Keeping your options open and still haven’t snagged your tickets? There’s time and take a tip: walk-up orders placed at Spoleto’s box office in the Charleston Visitor Center do not accrue handling fees.

Spoleto is a time to connect, see and be Scene. And that conversation extends to social media as well. Share your #Spoleto story on Twitter. There’s certainly enough hashtags: #SFUSA, #SpoletoFestival, #spoletousa, #spoletochs, to choose from. So join in and let’s raise a celebratory glass to Charleston’s Spoleto, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time!

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Thank you, Claire, for guest blogging about Charleston and all that it has to offer during the Festival. Be sure to follow Claire on Twitter (@cgibbons) for updates and reviews during the 2013 Festival season.