Find yourself chanting “USA! USA! USA!” even more than usual these days? You’re not alone—we’ve got Olympic fever around here, too. We can’t get enough of the spectacle, the drama, the successes, the tears, the world-class performers—err, athletes. In fact, when we started thinking about it, there were more similarities between Spoleto Festival USA’s 42nd season and the 2018 games in PyeongChang than one might guess. Here’s how each event stacks up.

Spoleto Festival USA 2018

2018 Winter Olympics

More than 100 events:

156 performances, concerts, lectures, and tours

102 events in 15 sports

17 Days of Action:

International Delegation:

Features artists from countries including Singapore, England, Scotland, Israel, Cuba, Latvia, Italy, Australia, and Russia

Athletes from 92 National Olympic Committees are slated to compete.

European Origin Story:

Began in Charleston in 1977; modeled after the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy (est. 1958) 

The modern Olympic games began in 1896, modeled after the Greek Olympics (est. 776 BC).


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Fresh Design Inspiration:

Have you seen the Festival posters, designed anew each year?

Mascots, medals, posters, and swag galore