If you’ve seen the last several season’s worth of Spoleto Festival USA ticket brochures, you’ve seen photographer Doug Hickok’s distinctive, color-saturated images of Charleston. We asked Doug to talk to us about the challenges and rewards of capturing unique images of one of the most photographed cities in America:

“Charleston’s unmatched blend of Southern charm and Old World ambiance makes it a truly exceptional American city. For a photographer, it is a treasure trove of visual delights and a feast for the senses. I relish walking along the narrow streets and cobblestone alleyways early in the morning. This is when the city is most peaceful… when the birds warble, the church bells ring, and the blooming tea olives fill the air with sweet fragrance. And especially when the light of sunrise suffuses everything it touches with a golden patina.

Oh, I know, I wax poetic. But these are the circumstances that inspire me to search for iconic images of Charleston. There are plenty of stirring vistas of the city, especially on the waterfront Battery, along Broad Street, or in the French Quarter, but I am particularly enchanted by Charleston’s details… vignettes of color, texture and pattern… the sum of which makes the city so special.

I feel honored to have my photographs represent Charleston around the world, whether it’s in the Charleston Visitors Bureau national ad campaign, in the Historic Charleston Foundation’s promotional materials, or helping to set the stage for the Spoleto Festival with the ticket brochure cover image.”

You can see more of Doug’s work at Hue and Eye Photography and Design.