Festival Friday Radio is a weekly blog series showcasing Spoleto Festival USA’s 2017 visiting artists. Each Friday, tune in for these hand-selected playlists that highlight a musician’s top 10 tracks—or get exclusive, artist-curated lists that reflect their own listening preferences. 

In 1994, clarinetist Evan Christopher left California for New Orleans to embark on a journey he calls “clarinet road.” On this journey, Christopher and his trio (including guitarist Brian Seeger and bassist Roland Guerin) honor and extend the legacies of early Creole clarinetists by enthusiastically exploring the full range of possibilities to create what he calls “contemporary early jazz.” Refusing to simply replicate traditional jazz standards and sounds, Christopher introduces listeners to them in a way that maintains their familiarity but also looks towards the future by including his own fresh, modern spin.

From June 7 to 10, Festival-goers can enjoy a lively New Orleans rendezvous with Evan Christopher’s trio—CLICK HERE for tickets. Ahead of their enthusiastic display of sound this spring, listen to 10 of their top tracks and get especially hooked on “Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me” and “Historie De Faussaire.”

Photo (at top) by April Renae

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