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Andrea Miller’s journey to become the founder and artistic director of Gallim Dance has taken her from New York’s Juilliard School to Tel Aviv, where she performed with the Batsheva Ensemble, then ultimately back to Brooklynthe birthplace of Gallim. Miller’s choreography is heavily influenced by Gaga, a movement style developed by Batsheva’s artistic director that incorporates strength and flexibility, improvisation, and a dancer’s wild abandon within set choreography. In Gallim Dance’s presentation of W H A L E during Spoleto Festival USA’s 41st season dancers explore their physical limits while examining the wholly relatable themes of human nature such as love, spirituality, expectations, and anxieties.

Works by Andrea Miller feature bold, often unanticipated music spanning from Chopin, to Jordan Chiolis’s percussive beats featured in W H A L E—CLICK HERE for tickets. Miller’s top 10 go-to songs of the moment compliment this diversity, especially the transition from Richard Strauss’s romantic, flowing Sonata for Piano in B Minor, played by Glenn Gould, to Die Antwoord’s funky, techno-driven “Banana Brain.” Tune in below to get ready for Gallim Dance’s return to Spoleto Festival USA—last here in 2010 with their production of I Can See Myself in Your Pupil.

Inspired by Andrea Miller’s choreography? Gallim Dance is offering a master class on June 10—CLICK HERE for more information and tickets.


Photo (at top) by Pierre Matge

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