A longtime supporter and friend of Spoleto Festival USA, internationally renowned artist Jonathan Green made Festival history in 2016 with his gorgeous set and costume designs for Porgy and Bess.

This year, however, Green is looking forward to spending his time a little differently than in years past. “I’m always working in my studio or running around during the Festival,” he says. “But this year, I’m treating it like my vacation and going in with total relaxation in mind. I’m ready to just sit back and take in all the Festival has to offer.”

So which are Green’s top performance picks?

“I want to see everything,” he says. “But there are certain shows that really stand out to me. So when I went through the ticket brochure, I used my [Porgy House] diamonds from last year to create a key for things I am most passionate about. Three diamonds on a page means I’m over-the-moon ecstatic to see it. Two means I’m excited about it, and one diamond means I’m unfamiliar with the production or specific performers, but my interest is piqued and I definitely want to attend.”

“I love anything by Tchaikovsky. He’s one of my favorite composers, and I always equate his work with all of Russian culture—the music, the landscape, the people. I just sit back, close my eyes, and imagine being anywhere in the world.”  Eugene Onegin: Info + Tickets

“I’ve known Dee Dee forever—she’s close friends with some of my friends. And her voice is just magical, so I’m really looking forward to hearing her music and watching her perform at the Cistern.”  Dee Dee Bridgewater: Info + Tickets

Charles Lloyd Quartet: Info + Tickets

“I love flamenco and Spanish dancing, and have seen a lot of it. So I really can’t wait to see this production.”  Yo, Carmen: Info + Tickets

Mahler 4 and Dreaming: Info + TicketsRhiannon Giddens: Info + Tickets

Westminster Choir Concerts: Info + TicketsSofía Rei: Info + Tickets

Spoleto Celebration Concert: Info + Tickets

“This year, I’m really trying to reach out to things I’m not as familiar with. Sometimes I struggle with going out to see something I know nothing about. So while I’m not a dancer, I am quite interested in seeing what L-E-V will do.”  OCD Love: Info + Tickets

We Love Arabs: Info + Tickets; Terence Blanchard featuring the E-Collective: Info + Tickets

Music in Time series: Info + Tickets for Dialogues with Pedja Muzijevic; Tempus Fugit; Sounding Peace; Lecture on the Weather

Evan Christopher’s Clarinet Road: Info + TicketsButler, Bernstein & The Hot 9: Info + Tickets

W H A L E: Info + Tickets

“When I was reading the program description and looking at the photos of this opera, I kept thinking of punk rock. That may not be a correct assumption, so I’m interested in seeing it and gave it one diamond.”  Quartett: Info + Tickets

“I don’t know much about Ayodele Casel, but I’m a dance fanatic. I’m looking forward to seeing what she can do and how she will work the entire stage.”  Ayodele Casel: Info + Tickets

Il n’est pas encore minuit: Info + Tickets

The Table: Info + Tickets

Ramona: Info + Tickets

Monchichi: Info + Tickets

Bank of America Chamber Music: Info + Tickets

Wells Fargo Festival Finale featuring The Revivalists: Info + Tickets