Here are 40 performances that the Festival has been fortunate enough to share with the world for the first time:

  1. Scriabin Dance Program, (world premiere, 1977)
  2. Creve Coeur, by Tennesse Williams (world premiere, 1978)
  3. A Janácek Celebration, by Joseph Wishy (world premiere, 1978)
  4. Chamber Music Series (world premiere, 1979)
  5. Ballet Repertory Company’s performances of Time Pools, Conversations, and Timepools, by Richard Englund (world premiere, 1979)
  6. The American Clock, by Arthur Miller (world premiere, 1980)
  7. Divertissement, Gallery, by the Nikolais Dance Theatre (world premiere, 1980)
  8. Dance Gala (world premiere, 1980)
  9. The Mother, The Selfish Giant, Harrison Loved His Umbrella, an opera trilogy music by Stanley Hollingsworth, conducted by David Stahl, directed by Rhoda Levine (world premiere, 1981)
  10. Lar Lubovitch Dance Co. (world premiere, 1981)
  11. The Corridor, by Diane Kagan (world premiere, 1981)
  12. Tympani, Night, Solo in Red,Sky Light, performed by Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians (world premiere, 1982)
  13. Reaches, Four Pair, Little New Piece, Missing Person, by Harry Dance and Senta Driver (world premiere, 1982)
  14. The Unicorn, the Gorgon, and the Manticore, a dance by Gian Carlo Menotti (world premiere, 1983)
  15. Rolling, The Wheel, Light, Action, Sticks, Airwaltz, Nightflight, Finale, performed by Foolsfire with Bob Berky, Fred Garbo and Michael Moschen (world premiere, 1984)
  16. Spoleto Express Breakdancers (world premiere, 1984)
  17. Walk-In, by Stephen Petronio and Dancers (world premiere, 1985)
  18. Circus Flora, by Ivor David Balding (world premiere, 1986)
  19. Figure, First Home, Part II, Pedal Steal, performed by the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (world premiere, 1986)
  20. Ballet in America: A Celebration, performances by Pennsylvania and Milwaukee Ballet, Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Cleveland San Jose Ballet, Dallas Ballet, San Francisco Ballet (world premiere, 1988)
  21. Miracolo d’Amore, by Martha Clarke (world premiere, 1988)
  22. Circus Flora; The Journey West, by Ivor David Balding (world premiere, 1988)
  23. Sol LeWitt, visual artist (world premiere, 1989)
  24. Carlo Colla Family Marionettes, by Eugenio Monti Colla and Paolo Vaglieri (world premiere, 1989)
  25. Empty Spaces, an opera by Laurie Anderson (world premiere, 1989)
  26. Hydrogen Jukebox, an opera with music by Phillip Glass and text by Allen Ginsberg (world premiere, 1990)
  27. Pioneer, an opera by the Paul Dresher Ensemble (world premiere, 1990)
  28. Praise House, a dance by Angelyn DeBord (world premiere, 1990)
  29. Wall, Soaring, Ground Level, Impact, by Elizabeth Streb Ringside (world premiere, 1991)
  30. The Mysteries and What’s So Funny?, by David Gordon (world premiere, 1991)
  31. Places with a Past, visual art collaboration (world premiere, 1991)
  32. The Singing Child, an opera by Gian Carlo Menotti (world premiere, 1993)
  33. Peter and Wendy, directed by Lee Breuer (world premiere, 1996)
  34. Eventide, Piazzola Caldera, by Paul Taylor Dance Company (world premiere, 1998)
  35. Intermezzo I, conducted by Sergei Pavlov (world premiere, 2001)
  36. Flora, an Opera, by Neely Bruce (world premiere, 2010)
  37. Paradise Interrupted, an opera by Huang Rho and Jennifer Wen Ma (world premiere, 2015)
  38. What Moves You, collaboration between dancer Lil Buck and cellist Ashley Bathgate, (world premiere, 2015)
  39. Grace Notes: Reflections for Now, directed by Carrie Mae Weems, curated by Sarah Lewis (world premiere, 2016) Get tickets HERE
  40. Afram Ou La Belle Swita, directed by David Herskovits (world premiere, 2016) 

    40 for Friday is a new weekly (or bi-weekly) blog series celebrating the 40th season of Spoleto Festival USA. Feel free to comment if there is something you would like to see in this series. We have a lot of interesting content coming your way!