Spoleto Sips is back for the 2023 Festival season!

The town is in the spirit! Spoleto-inspired beverages hit Charleston menus this week. During the Festival season, find these sips at the town’s hop haunts to keep you refreshed the entire 17 days. Whether you’re enjoying the cocktails or the non-alcoholic options, don’t forget to share your 2023 Spoleto Sip on your socials and tag us @SpoletoFestivalUSA on Instagram!



“The Hermes,” a zero-proof cocktail named by An Iliad star Denis O’Hare

An Iliad star Denis O’Hare and Writer/Director Lisa Peterson enjoying “The Hermes” at Iron Rose

The Garden Gimlet, available at Iron Rose

Denis O’Hare enjoying The Hermes

Inspired by An Iliad, the Garden Gimlet features Gin, Lime Juice, House-Infused Serrano Syrup, Muddled with Cucumber and a garnish. The Hermes was named by An Iliad star Denis O’Hare for the god’s fiery nature. The Hermes is a non-alcoholic option featuring Soda Water, House-Infused Serrano Syrup, Muddled with Cucumber and topped with a mint leaf.



Spoleto and FIG regular Quentin Baxter enjoys the cocktail that was inspired by himself: the Key of Q

The Key of Q

  • FIG: Key of Q

The Key of Q is infused with Ford’s gin, Singani, Montenegro, Lemon, and Blackberry. “This cocktail is a summertime sour with lots of lemon and ripe blackberry flavor honoring our longtime friend, Quentin Baxter.”



Limoncello, Mommenpop Sevilla Orange, Rinomato Bianco & Prosecco blend together to form the Spoleto Spritzer. Inspired by the late Director of Chamber Music Geoff Nuttall, this beverage is easily enjoyed by chamber music enthusiasts and novices alike.



The Red Balloon

Celebrate Tank and the Bangas with their album-inspired Spoleto Sip made with Firefly Lowcountry Dry Gin, Sallie’s Greatest Strawberry Basil Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, topped with Ginger Beer.



Brandee Younger enjoying the “Irregular Harp Beat” at Renzo

The Irregular Harp Beat cocktail inspired by Brandee Younger

Brandee Younger enjoying the Irregular Harp Beat at Renzo

  • Renzo: Irregular Harp Beat

Inspired by Jazz harpist Brandee Younger, the Irregular Harp Beat matches Younger’s driving jazz-funk sound. An ode to New Orleans—a birthplace of jazz and cocktails—this drink features rye, benedictine, absinthe, Peychaud’s bitters.



The Rite of Spring cocktail at Faculty Lounge

Filled with florals and fruits for spring, this cocktail inspired and named for The Rite of Spring mixes Tequila-Sake Pear Sangria, Grapefruit, Lime, and Soda to create the perfect seasonal sip.



Chamber musicians Paul Wiancko and Ayane Kozasa enjoy the “Desert Rose” at Rancho Lewis

The Desert Rose at Rancho Lewis

Chamber musicians Paul Wiancko and Ayane Kozasa enjoy the Desert Rose at Rancho Lewis

Featuring Tequila and Citrus, this floral cocktail is also inspired by The Rite of Spring with notes of hearty Hibiscus, Ginger Root, and Sotol (also known as the desert spoon).



The Rice Bird

Featuring Carolina Gold Sake, Nippitaty Gin, Grapefruit Juice, and Mint, this cocktail is named after the Bobolink or the “Rice Bird,” which annually migrate 12,500 miles to and from South America every year. (Just like our artists and visitors during the Festival’s 17 days!)



A Poet’s Love Potion

The Poet’s Love Potion on display at Basic Kitchen

A play on A Poet’s Love, the Poet’s Love Potion mixes Hat Trick Gin, Luxardo, Lime, and Pomegranate/Sage shrub to create a lovely concoction.



La Sera

Meaning “evening” in Italian, La Sera includes a Sardinian Vermouth made from Orange Wine, Cappelletti Bitter Aperitif, and a dry Italian Vermouth, finished with a Shiso Bitters. “We were inspired by the Italian tradition of having an evening aperitif to sip on before a big meal, blending a variety of dry and bitter vermouths to make a balanced cocktail served on the rocks with a twist,” notes Bethany Heinze of Vern’s.



A Poet’s Love, available at The Ordinary

Edward Graves, starring as Anatol in Vanessa this season

Zoie Reams, starring as Erika in Vanessa

Zoie and Edward enjoying A Poet’s Love at The Ordinary

Combining Rhum J.M. Gold, Guava, Passionfruit, Lime, Grenadine, and Bitters. Notes The Ordinary’s Christian Favier: “To draw a connection to A Poet’s Love and our bar program focused on authentic Caribbean rum, we turned towards the figure of the modern French Caribbean, Aimé Césaire. He was a Martinique born poet and writer, who built a career uplifting and speaking to the power of French people of the African Diaspora, eventually acting as president of the Regional Council of Martinique. This cocktail is a play on Un Planteur, a traditional drink from Martinique utilizing fruits and rhum native to the island.”



Scottish Ballet’s Rishan Benjamin enjoying Tituba’s Revenge at Coterie

Rishan Benjamin stars as Tituba in the Scottish Ballet’s rendition of The Crucible on June 3rd

Tituba’s Revenge at Coterie

This bright beverage features Amrut Fusion (Indian Scotch), Goslings Rum (Tituba’s Barbados origin), Pineapple, Blue Curaçao, Coconut Foam, Flamed Lapsong Suchong Tincture. This is a Scottish (Indian) influenced pina colada deconstructed with some witch magic fire and an image placed on the drink. Drawing from the rum’s name, Coterie drew inspiration from the Scottish Ballet’s reimagining of The Crucible.



Only an Orange Apart cocktail at Virginia’s on King

A classic mixture of Tito’s, Orange Juice, and Triple Sec come together to create Only an Orange Apart, inspired by the Spoleto premiere of Only An Octave Apart.



The In Defense of Rage cocktail inspired by An Iliad

Inspired by An Iliad, the In Defense of Rage combines Citrus Infused Vodka, Hot Honey Syrup, Vanilla Bean Syrup, and Muddled Basil for a spicy taste.



The New World Negroni featured at Vincent Chiccos

For the New World Symphony, Vincent Chiccos mixes Basil Hayden, Campari, Hazelnut Liqueur, and Sweet Vermouth.



Gin and Other Myths available at Victor’s

Inspired by the physical theater feats from Gravity & Other Myths, this drink combines Hat Trick Gin, St Germain, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Blackberries, and Basil.



The Cosmojito Magic inspired by Ayodele Casel: Chasing Magic

Inspired by tap dance sensation, Ayodele Casel, and her production Chasing Magic. The Cosmojito Magic mixes Local Zest Lemon Drop Vodka, Velvet Falernum, Cranberry Juice, Fresh Lime Juice, and Fresh Mint.



The Commodore’s Spoleto Sip: The Spoleto Sling

For a touch of class, the Spoleto Sling combines your choice of Gin or Vodka, Pear Nectar, Honey Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, a Splash of Soda, a Rosemary Sprig & Wrapped Lemon Peel.



In the Mood cocktail created by Herd Provisions

Mixing Hendricks Gin, Aperol, Boomsma Clooisterbitter, Lime, Rose, and Green Cardamom, Herd Provisions created the jazz-standard-inspired sip: In The Mood.



Rosemary’s Portico created by O-Ku

  • O-ku: Rosemary’s Portico

Inspired by the porticos commonly found in Charleston, O-Ku created Rosemary’s Portico with Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, Lemon, Rosemary, and Prosecco.