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Spoleto Festival USA

Wells Fargo Jazz


Sponsored By: Wells Fargo

Venue: Simons Center Recital Hall at College of Charleston

Duration: Approximately 1 hour


By using his imagination and a simple electronic device to record and play back loops as he performs, saxophonist Håkon Kornstad realizes in concert the idea so aptly expressed by the title of his newest album: Symphonies in My Head. His instrumental technique is traditionally solid: a beautiful tone on whichever saxophone or wind instrument he selects, extended by the use of the instrument’s keys to make percussion sounds, and broadened by a colorful palette of overtones. Rhapsodic, improvised melodies glide and float over sonic layers that grow into an orchestral accompaniment. Kornstad’s restless curiosity has taken him into new, unexpected territory—he’s pursued study as an operatic tenor and began integrating this new expression of lyricism into his solo performances, giving unprecedented meaning to the description jazz “tenor.”

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These performances are made possible in part through funds from the Spoleto Festival USA Endowment, generously supported by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.